Posted by: Teacher Man, Teacher Ms. | May 29, 2019

The Middle Years Alphabet Rides Again!!!

   Ms Kenny's class -2 IMG_7886.jpegWow! What an amazing hour and a half . . . with Miss Kenny’s Grade 5 class at Annie L. Gaetz School. Now there’s a master teacher at work with a super talented group of young people.  I played the “Names, Faces and Places” game so I got to know everyone and then shared an overview of the booklet. From there, we buckled down and got to work – oops, I mean play. We did rubbings, masking, felt pen bleeding, doodling, hatching and cross-hatching and shading AND ALONG THE WAY this exceptional gang created ideas of their own.

The very last picture is a Morse code message from Amr. Too cool. I send a special message back to him and then emailed one for the whole class – a riddle. For the next week or so, I’ll send a Morse code riddle per day. Practice helps.

Rhys IMG_7875.jpeg

Sawyer IMG_7878.jpegSienna IMG_7872.jpegJock and kids with Ms. K IMG_5077.jpeg

Indy IMG_7874.jpeg

Amery IMG_7877.jpeg

Decklan IMG_7876.jpeg

Jock and Dakota IMG_5076.jpeg

xx Braille from Amr IMG_7890.jpeg

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