Jock Mackenzie was a teacher and administrator for the Red Deer Public School board for 31 years. Since retiring he has been doing contract work as well as speaking at teacher conventions and conferences. For the past four years, he has been the Program Co-ordinator for Reading College, a month-long program held in July at Red Deer College. In September of 2014, he was called out of retirement to become the acting principal at Red Deer’s Ecole Oriole Park Elementary.

In February, 2007, he published his first book titled Essay Writing: Teaching the Basics from the Ground Up. It is available from Pembroke Publishing. Jock’s second teacher reference book is titled Poetry and Song and is currently out looking for a publisher. As well as educational writing, Jock has written an adult fiction novel Dealing With Dymans. It could best be described as a crime drama. It too awaits publication.

Jock understands that teachers are “dancing as fast as they can.” He is having a difficult time leaving the world of education behind so he has decided to spend this part of his life trying to help teachers help themselves. In his sessions Jock shares the many proven activities that he has used as well as ones that he has borrowed and found to be successful.

In the words of Tom Cruise from the movie Jerry McGuire – “Help me, help you.” – Jock is not as interested in substantial fees for his speaking engagements, but in travel to different parts of the country to aid teachers. Call him.


Jock Mackenzie
R.R. #2 LCD 1,
Red Deer, Alberta
T4N 5E2

Cell: 403-357-4895
e-mail: mackenzie.jock@gmail.com
blog: jockmackenzie.wordpress.com


  1. Hi Jock,
    I attended your afternoon session at the Palliser Convention today. I was pleased with the information you provided regarding “boys”. I would love to have a copy of the “Lana Plan” for novel studies. Much appreciated.

  2. Good morning —

    Just read comment above. Interested in “boy” stuff and Lana plan. What is my next step?

    Thanks. Denise.

    • Hi Denise,

      I gave a session in Calgary that emphasized strategies to interest boys. Early in the session I stressed that the same strategies should and do work for girls but they seem to be sure winners with young males. A local teacher, Lana Beierbach, who was once a student teacher in my classroom and who has since become a master teacher in her own right, has a number of great ideas. The “Lana Plan” is something I mentioned in the session but, having just pulled in after a two-hour drive through a rainstorm, the exact details escape me at the moment. If you are interested, either phone (403-357-4895) or email (mackenzie.jock@gmail.com) and we can chat. Thanks for the interest.

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