Video and Audio Clips

Video clips are samples from Jock’s presentations


Poetry & Song – from a session in High Level, Alberta

Ladies and Gentlemen – a first week of school activity

Borge Punctuation – from The Other Parts of Language Arts

from I.P.P.s – Effective Strategies

Acting the Essay – from Essay Writing: Teaching the Basics

Rewards 1

End of Class Activity – Charades

Learning to Remember – Highlights from High Level

Reading Games – Tag and Popcorn

The Importance of Reading and What Makes Good Writing

The Impact Teachers Have


What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Click the “start arrow” below to hear the audio of this poem:

I remember back in high school
In my graduating year,
I was torn with indecision  –
Had to choose my life’s career.

My whole life was there before me,
Vast horizons, bold and new,
But I couldn’t, simply couldn’t
Figure out what I should do.

I had been an honor student,
I could tackle any task.
“Will you carry on to college?”
Everybody seemed to ask.

“You could learn a second language,
Maybe French or Japanese –
Wouldn’t hurt to be bilingual,
You could travel where you please.

You could learn about computers,
It’s the age of information.
Use your skills in public speaking,
Take a course in motivation.

Everybody had suggestions,
Everybody had a few.
Lots of,  “Do as I am saying.”
Less of, “Do it as I do.”

I thought hard and looked around me.
Were they happy with their lives?
Were they challenged? Were they useful?
Did they slog from nine to five?

Was is status? Was it comfort?
Was it riches I’d pursue?
Had to make a big decision,
Had to choose what I would do.

I considered all the options,
Thought of talents that I had.
As a kid I’d loved policemen,
(Goodness triumphs over bad.)

I was good at mathematics.
Liked to draw (well, I could trace)
I was reasonably athletic
But I never won first place.

I had always been an actor,
From a very early age.
Maybe drama was my calling.
They say, “All the world’s a stage.”

What of counseling? What of coaching?
Or interior design?
Helping others find their talents?
That could be a goal of mine.

All the options, all the choices –
Each had some redeeming feature.
My decision? Tackle all of them,
So I became . . . a teacher.

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